3…2…1…Lift Off.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hey there internet. I’ve created this site to try and promote my company and services, but more importantly I wanted a place to publish any ideas/findings/solutions that I think others may benefit from. I’m really keen on sharing the love when it comes to computing, as let’s face it; that’s how most of us improve our understanding. Without the internet and literally billions of posts made by techies (mostly for free!) progress would be slow and skills would be a rarity.

A little about myself professionally first…

I was an early starter when it came to IT thanks to my Father. He worked as a hardware engineer for a local computer sales shop in the boom era of the early nineties. I was around 5 when he bought home our first computer; a second hand 286 with MS-Dos. So what if Windows 3.1 was available at the time this machine arrived in my house. I was still blown away by just traversing a file system in Dos. I loved the binary nature of it. I loved how structured it was. Obviously as time progressed we made the jump to GUI O/S (3.11 and onwards through each edition), but the core of my understanding and what helped me progress was that time spent learning to use DOS, and also the time spent upgrading the machine hardware with my Dad. Gaining an appreciation for how everything “hangs together”.

Having finished school in the early noughties and having to suffer the pain of that era’s national curriculum IT (which is effectively a 2 year course on how to use PowerPoint) I was desperate to get some real computing under my belt. I ended up completing a 2 year BTEC National Diploma in IT. The course was essentially a “catch all” type affair, where we got to experience a little bit of each element of IT – from Hardware to App Support, .NET coding to Database Design. Anyway it made me realise I was attracted mostly to Support and Code. I spent a lot of this period building dozens of websites for friends bands, or small local charity events.